IMG_0023 The Kearce’s are missional ministry partners dedicated to telling children and their families about Jesus in creative and innovative ways. Their marriage and ministry, celebrating over 30 years, has taken them to 42 states, from transient farm worker camps to inner city sidewalks. They are identified as being on the “cutting edge” in reaching never-churched children and post-modern families. Through preaching, speaking, and workshops, they equip and encourage those in missional fellowship who minister to today’s children: clergy and lay; leaders and parents.
Our present-day understanding of mission comes from the scriptural passage in Matthew 28: 18-20, where Jesus says: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” But according to its Greek connotation, this word “go” means “as you are going,” which means Jesus was talking about the idea of missions as an everyday experience. Living “on mission” for Jesus means being conscious to the Kingdom of God among us, with everything we do as an active demonstration of the Gospel. The reality is that mission takes place all the time, everywhere we go. God continually uses humans to communicate His story. We have the privilege of inviting everyone we know to come and experience the life-giving power of the Gospel. When we step into the lives of other individuals and demonstrate the Kingdom of God, we show them the way of Christ.

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