Kearce Family 2014The Kearce’s are missional ministry partners dedicated to telling children and their families about Jesus. Doug and Darla are full-time Commissioned Evangelists in the Church of the Nazarene. Their marriage and ministry, celebrating over 30 years, has taken them to 38 states, from transient farm worker camps to inner city sidewalks. They are identified as being on the “cutting edge” in reaching never-churched children and post-modern families. Through speaking and workshops, they equip and encourage those in missional fellowship who minister to today’s kids and families.
Doug and Darla met in 1982 in Florida where Darla was ministering to children at an Orlando church. Doug took sudden interest in children’s ministries and volunteered to help. That’s where their relationship began, in Children’s Church, and has endured for over 3 decades. They have ministered to children and families in traditional and nontraditional settings, always searching for ones who do not come through the doors of our churches, such as foster children in group homes and homeless families.

In 2001, Doug and Darla responded to a call to evangelism to children. Darla resigned as a Children’s Pastor to devote her time to creating and writing for their ministry on the road. Doug left his position as a car dealer doing TV commercials to become an itinerant evangelist doing puppets. With his talent for voices, he has created some memorable characters. When not speaking to adults, they travel with over 30 “talented” puppets in evangelism to children. Doug and Darla have worked together for so long, scripts aren’t needed. The spontaneity not only leads to fun, but also allows the Holy Spirit to guide. However, each program is carefully and creatively crafted to communicate the message of the Gospel.

Their projects for evangelism to children and families:

* Live programs to children and families, traveling nation-wide
* Speaking and workshops to adults: parents; children’s leaders on the local, regional and national levels
* Speakers on the post-modern child and family, Trevecca Nazarene University Speakers’ Bureau

* Darla’s Christ-centered, biblically based and kingdom oriented speaking to women
* COTN General Assembly 2001 workshop “Reaching Children Who Don’t Come Through Our Doors”

* G.A. 2005 workshop “The Never-Churched Child and Her Family” and children’s mission program “Where in the World is the Missionary?”

* G.A. 2009 workshop “Whoever Receives One…”

* Contributors to the Billy Graham Training Center discovery group on the never-churched child

* Summer intern program mentored students from 6 Nazarene and 5 holiness universities

* Children’s TV programs on Smile of a Child Network; DVD’s; and children’s ministry outreach curricula, all from Big Nest Productions formed in 2013