What is your fee? We don’t charge fees but accept a love offering or an honorarium. We do need our travel expenses to your location reimbursed. Please remember that we are full-time Evangelists which means that this ministry supports our family and the typical needs families have—living expenses! We do not receive a salary or benefits from the Church of the Nazarene.

Is there help to determine an honorarium? For guidelines on compensating all Evangelists in the Church of the Nazarene (Doug and Darla are Commissioned Evangelists) refer to the “Revivalism Handbook” from Revivalism Ministries. View it online at www.nazarenerevivalism.org. Also, check out a program to assist churches with revival honorariums at that website.

What about housing? We don’t travel with an RV. We stay in hotels, in campground housing or with a church family—whatever fits your budget.

Who travels with you? Doug, Darla and we may have an intern. In the summer we have one or two college age interns. Summer internships are an important part of our ministry.

How do we schedule you? After contact via email or phone and a date has been set, we will email or mail a confirmation. Return by email or print a copy and mail the original back to us. We can email publicity items such as photos, PowerPoint slides and flyers.

What do you need from us? The most important is prayer. Pray for the attendees. Pray that the Holy Spirit ministers to each person and guides us.